Here health professionals caring for enuretic children can review the treatment progress of the child and post assessments in the child's personal care room.  This service is free to health professionals and to patients.

Each morning the child enters whether he/she was wet or dry the night before, and whether an alarm was used. If the child has a dry night, then a gold star appears on the chart for that day. If an alarm was used, a green stripe appears in the day. Other parameters, such as medication usage, can be added. If the child is dry for a whole week or even an entire month, recognition awards are given! Special plaques in the "WetBuster Clubhouse" recognize the child's achievement, and automatic congratulation emails are sent to them.

To review a child's records, please enter your caregiver ID number and the child's first and last name and birth date below.   To request a free caregiver ID number, email:  To view a sample patient's record or care room click below:


To post an assessment and recommendations to the child and parents, type the assessment in the large text box. Then click on "Submit Assessment". The child and or parents can then review your assessment by looking in their password-protected "care room".  If you have submitted your photograph to, it will appear beside your posted assessment. 

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